I absolutely feel like I am meant for more. I feel like I am meant to change something. Maybe I just need to change myself. But I have the lingering feeling that I am meant to change someone or something else other than myself. I have not found my purpose yet, and I know it’s out there. How do I find it?

Reading my Bible.
Community and fellowship.

I think I have the answers of how to find it right in front of me. Sometimes I feel like I am keeping myself back from discovering it. I am a little afraid, to be honest. At times, i am worried that I am too flawed and scarred to amount to something amazing. I hope I don’t amount to ordinary… but amazing. Sounds great, but little ole Shauna? There must be a mistake there if it’s in God’s plans to have me surpass the expectations I have of myself.

Lord, please guide me. Somewhere.