in wanting.

a conviction that begins, not out of joy or out of pride or curiosity…

but out of necessity.

there’s a longing, a dissatisfaction, buried beneath the stuff… the things… that we are taught to want

to need

taught that will fulfill us

make us whole

make us happy

make us… us

Who here has found that is not the case?

we are drowning

in the stuff we bought

in the things we are worried about

in the ideas that have been smashed into our synapses.

we don’t even know we’re in wanting anymore

in wanting of something genuine

of something that isn’t fleeting

of something that lasts.. beyond the beyond.

this life? gone as soon as you even realize you should start making it happen.

but this. it lasts longer than that. in fact. this place? it doesn’t even matter in the long run.

yes it sucks like ass right now.

but tomorrow?

it’s gonna be beautiful.


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